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  • Accounting

  • Statutory and Tax Auditing

  • Internal and Compliances Audit



Accounting is the Language of Business. A good Accounting methodology keeps your Business updates, your taxes correctly, and compliances on Time. We provide Accounting services on a retainer ship basis. 

  • Accounting is the Language of Business

    -Warren Buffet

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Statutory and Tax Audits

Statutory And Tax Audits are Auditing as per the Companies Act, Income Tax, and other relevant act that ensure that your business is in compliance with the laws of the Country.

  • In God we Trust, For Rest We Audit

    -Rohit Tulshyan


Internal and Compliances Audit

Business is owned by owners but run by the Employees. Mistakes and Errors are part of work and human nature. This requires a call for Internal Audit. 


High Penalties and Interest cost and applicability of adverse sections of law demand a robust Compliance Audit.

  • If you think Cost of Compliance is High, Try Non Compliance.


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Our Practice Areas

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    Income Tax and GST Compliances

    Income Tax Filings, GST Registrations, and filings, Tax Litigations. Filings of GST and Tax Returns.

  • Agreement

    Business Consultancy

    Business Setup and Resource Requirements and Analysis

  • Contract

    Financial and Legal Consultancy

    Financing and Legal Compliances, Loan Sanctions, Deed drafting, HUF formation

  • Gavel

    Entity Specifc Activities

    Company and LLP incorporations, ROC filings, and compliances. Trust and Society Formations, Audits. 

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