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Documents Required for GST Registration

  • Id and Address Proof of Proprietor/Partners
  • Address proof of Place of Business
  • Photo of Proprietor, Partners, Directors
  • Pan and Aadhar Details of Proprietor, Partners, Directors
  • Photo of Propritor, Partners, Directors
  • Authorization Letters, Consent Letter

Steps and Time Taken for GST Registration

Normal Time Taken to get GST Registration is 3-15 Days.

  • Application Filing - 1 Day
  • Initial processing and Raising Queries by department - 3-7 Days
  • Reply to Queries of Department - 1-2 Days
  • Grant of Registration - 3-7 Days
GST Registration Services

    Detailed Process of GST Registration

    1. We Talk and consult with you for registration requirements, Business requirements and type of GST Registration Required. We could suggest you better Tax Planning with reference to your registration.

    2. You need to provide us with the documents required for GST Registration as mentioned above before we start the registration. We make sure your documentation is up to date to have hassle free registration Experience.

    3. We file your application on the GST Portal. We register your email and phone number on GST portal so you have full control of your Data. A Transaction Reference Number(TRN) is generated by validation of your PAN and Name Details. Once TRN is Generated, We file your detailed multi page application uploading various KYC Documents and information. Post completion of these documents, your application is submitted to GST department for approval. An Application Reference Number (ARN) is generated.

    4. GST department verifies the documents and 90% of the cases, they approve the registration without any issues. In few cases they issue a SCN (Show Cause Notice). We answer the queries raised by GST department in reply of SCN. This service is  free till you get your GST Registration and GST Number.

    5. Once the GST officer is convinced about all activity, You get your GST number, ID and a temporary password in your email. A small registration is done after this to generate your permanent GST ID and password.

    6. Once its done, Your Bank details are required to be updated to complete the Registration Process. We help and file the same for you without any Extra Charges.

    7. The entire process takes around  3 - 15 Business Days. i.e. excluding holidays. However, it is also largely dependent on the GST officer.

    What is GST

    GST also known as Goods and Service Tax was enacted by Government of India and applicable from 1st July, 2017. It comprises of Mainly Three Taxes Central GST, State GST and Integrated GST. With applicability of GST, Government has abolised previous four major Laws or forms of taxation which was VAT applicable at state level, Excise Duty payable by manufacturers and Service Tax paid by Service providers and Custom Duty applicable at the time of import.

    Previosuly, These taxes were charged by Central Government and State Government seperately. VAT was charged by State governments while Service Tax, Excise and Customs were charged by central government. Thereafter, All these laws were submerged and a new law was enacted known as GST. In GST, for every transaction, amount is paid to Central and State governments both.

    Who should register for GST

    GST is not applicable to all the businesses. There is changes in GST registration requirement for each business. It is manily based on turnover of business.

    The threshold limit for GST Registration is diffrent for Traders and Service Providers. Morever, it is also different for small states.

    For Traders the Limit is Rs. 40 lacs i.e. if you are a trader enaged only in trading activity then you are not required to take GST Registration till your annual turnover reaches 40 Lacs in an Year. Turnover means Sales.

    For Service Providers the Limit is Rs. 20 Lacs i.e. if you provide services such as designer, consultant, contracter, CA, CS, CMA, or any other service provider then you are not required to take GST Registration till your turnover reaches 20 Lacs in an year.

    Can I take Registration if my turnover is below limit?

    There is limit of turnover to take GST registration. However, a person can take GST registration voluntarily if they want even before they have just started the business or they desire to register even before their limit is reached.

    This is due to requirement of their business. Many purchasers wish to buy only from GST registered dealers thus it becomes inevitable for the dealer to take registration. In several cases the business is not viable if there is no GST Registration as the owner is allowed to take benefit of Input Tax Credit only if its business is GST registered.

    Also, if you desire to supply goods outside state then you are required to take mandatory GST registration and the threshold limit does not apply.

    Is GST Registration Mandatory for My Business

    Following Businesses require mandatory GST Registration :-

    1. If a business desires to make interstate supply i.e. supply from one state to another.
    2. If a business desires to sell through E commerce operators like Flipkart and Amazon.
    3. If a business was already registered in some Pre GST Tax such as service tax, Excise, VAT Etc
    4. Casual Taxable Person
    5. If a business has crossed the threshold limit of 40 Lacs or 20 Lacs as the case may be.

    What are Advantages and Disadvantages of GST Registration

    Advantages of GST Registration includes :-

    1. Taking Credit for all your Expenses such as business maintenance, Office Equipments, Phones, Computers etc.
    2. Taking Credit of all purchases and thus passing on benefit to other buyers having a successful business model.
    3. As a proof of Turnover when required for finance and Loan requirements
    4. Easy movement of goods with E way bill and Proper Invoicing
    5. Having a Good business reputation and effective management of business

    Disadvantages of GST Registration includes :-

    1. Need to maintain regular records , copies of Invoices, Accounts.
    2. Reply to Notice and scrutiny and assessment by department
    3. Filing of regular returns and compliances of GST rules and laws
    4. GST law are getting amended very frequently which is tough to be followed by a common business person
    5. All the incomes comes under GST such as rental income and other such incomes.
    6. There may be cases when the buyer is not registered and they do not wish to buy from GST registered dealer or they are not ready to pay GST to Dealer.

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